Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This website is the property of ARDI. Its use is governed by the terms and conditions established by ARDI.

The terms "Insurance Company", "Company", "We", " ARDI " refer to JSC " ARDI Insurance" (Tax ID: 404858631, registered office: Tbilisi, N3 Vazha-Pshavela Ave.), and the term "You", "Insured", "User" means a person, company, organizational unit that uses this website: www.ardi.ge

The specific product/service indicated on the website is regulated by a special insurance program/contract.


Contact information

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you do not therewith or have any advice (including regarding the information published on the website), please let us know by sending an e-mail at: quality@ardi.ge


Use of the Website

The information published on the website is for the personal use of the users only. This information, as well as the structure, image or design of the Website, may not be shared, transmitted, copied and / or reproduced (including on social media) for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of ARDI.

Unauthorized use of the Website and the System (including with non-existent names and codes) is prohibited. Where registration and use of the password is required, you are obliged to keep it confidential and not allow access to the Website by another person on your behalf.

It is possible that any particular page on the Website may contain rules different from these Terms and Conditions.

While using Company's website (including blogs or forums) illegal / fraudulent actions, discriminatory, defamatory, hate speech or posting, dissemination / transmission of information that may violate the law and / or damage the Company's business reputation, are prohibited.

It is also not allowed to cause technical, software damage to the website.

Malfunction of any software module (phone, computer, etc.) used to get to the website is your risk.

If access to the Website has been disabled for technical reasons or other reasons beyond our control, ARDI shall not be liable for any such circumstances or consequences thereof.


Intellectual property

The Website, its content, structure and design are fully copyrighted by ARDI. ARDI exclusive rights also apply to any intellectual property created and registered by us (including the Company's brand name and trademarks).

Unauthorized use, processing and publication of any information published on this website (including logo, pictogram, graphics, image, image, patent, service / trademark, design, visual media created by ARDI and other registered or unregistered intellectual property) (Including in social media) without the prior written consent of the Company is prohibited. ARDI consent is not required if the information is used for personal, educational or informational purposes only.

The names, links, trademarks, logos of other people and organizations listed on our website belong to the relevant persons.


Privacy Policy

ARDI ensures the maximum protection of the confidential information provided to it in accordance with the provisions established by law.

ARDI requests the personal information of the customer as needed, in accordance with the provisions established by law and to the extent necessary to provide insurance services effectively. The customer can at any time request information from the insurance company about the processing of his personal information.

Confidential information is disclosed by ARDI with your prior consent or in other cases specified by law.

We are constantly monitoring the accuracy of the information we have and updating it. We also ensure the security of personal data that protects it from unauthorized encroachment.

It is important that our data is processed in accordance with the law and only for the purpose for which it is provided to us. However, our employees and contractors, who have access to certain categories of personal data within the scope of their competence, are bound by a contract with them to keep the personal data confidential and to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, the company has access to a special program in the company for each employee provides access to information only within the duties assigned to him.

In the process of servicing your insurance case, your personal information may be disclosed to: Service providers (medical facilities, pharmaceutical networks, dental clinics, contractor auto shops, car washes, international assistance, reinsurance organizations) for identification, reporting or service delivery.

ARDI reserves the right to make changes to the Data Protection Policy document from time to time within the limits established by the legislation of Georgia.

The "electronic footprint" you leave while visiting the Website may be used to generate statistics or to improve the quality of the Site.


Accuracy of information

ARDI is responsible for the accuracy of the information published on the Website only to the extent and context as it is posted on the Website. Despite our best efforts to provide you with accurate information, we can’t guarantee that this accuracy will be maintained by consumers using this information, analysis, processing, which is entirely the personal risk of the user. Therefore, the company is not responsible for the results obtained using the information published on the website.



Limitation of Liability

ARDI shall not be responsible any damage or loss caused by the use of the Website, even of a technical glitch, defect, computer virus or system malfunction.

ARDI will not be responsible if certain components of the Website are not available to you.


Regulatory Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are regulated by the legislation of Georgia.

A possible dispute is considered through the common courts system of Georgia

The invalidity of a particular provision shall not affect other provisions to the terms and conditions.

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